MaaS - Myspace.txt as a Service
MaaS This website is a simple DB built over the Myspace.txt dump. This dump is publically available on the , and it should be assumed that any nefarious actor could access it with ease. Knowing this, it is important that users are able to know not only that they were compromised, but also which password they had been using at the time of the leak. Not everyone remembers if the password they used in 2008 was the one they use today. Additionally, I hope this site will provide valuable insight to researches who wish to understand password usage by a community. Contained in this leak are over 300MM rows, which is a significant amount of data. The hashes are stored in SHA1 format.
This example requires JavaScript to function. It is all contained within this HTML, is not obfuscated, has a few comments, is written 100% in vanilla JS, and should be easy to understand. If you don't trust me, feel free to review the source yourself.
This page really is just a shoddy example to show how you may use the underlying HTTP web service. Perhaps I should give more docs, but it's really as simple as the examples given here.
E-mail -> Hash GET /email/
Hash -> E-mail(s) GET /hash/f08e5014a4b0ccde60c13b68b4d1032b6d35609b
Password -> E-mail(s) GET /password/pokemon
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